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dragonconrooms's Journal

Rooms for DragonCon goers
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The Dragon*Con reservation and roomshare community
This is a community dedicated to helping Dragon*Con fans find rooms for the con. Membership to the community is currently open, but we may begin moderation in the future should we find out too many rooms are going to people other than D*Con fans.

Please read the rules here.

If you need a room, please include the following information:
[please list day (Thursday, Friday, etc), not date]
Room preferences:
Number of rooms:
Contact info:

*** Please be aware that different hotels have different room types. Some (Hyatt and Marriott) offer either a single king bed or two double beds (or a single queen in the Hyatt Radius rooms) and charge based on stated room occupancy. Others (Hilton, Sheraton and Westin) offer more options on the type and number of beds in the room and base their charge on the room type.

Not all hotels are smoke-free. If this is an issue, please make sure you include smoke-free in your request. ***

Note: Do NOT reply to the reservation transfer post asking for a room - your comment will be deleted without reply.

Go HERE if you have a reservation to give up.

Go HERE if you have a room to share.