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Contact the people HERE if you have a reservation to give up.


- If you need a reservation, join the community and make a post and include the following info:
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   Room preferences:
   Number of rooms:
   Contact info:
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Any Available Hotel

Hi. I am currently looking for a room at any of the con hotels.

Preference would be:

Sheraton, Thursday-Sunday, 2 doubles, non-smoking


Marriott, Thursday-Sunday, 2 doubles, non-smoking

thank you so much in advance for any transfers. :D

Apr. 14th, 2014

I had a question about transferring a room I was hoping someone could answer. I booked a room at the Westin that I want to transfer, and went through the process and found a taker. I can't find where my card was charged the deposit, but when I called the hotel they said it was. Does any of the veterans have any experience about when the Westin actually charges the credit card?
Looking for a room in any of the host hotels! Prefer the Sheraton, but will be thrilled with any of them! We do a lot of costuming, and are wanting to be closer.

Hotels: Sheraton, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Westin
Check in: Thursday, Aug 28 (can do Wed, Aug 27 if need be)
Check Out: Monday, September 1
Room Preferences: Two double beds
Number of Rooms: 1
Contact Info:

One Room Needed at Hyatt, Marriott, or Hilton

I finally have enough funds to return to D*C after a two year hiatus and need a hotel room. I'll be doing a lot of costuming and would prefer to avoid a long walk (and encounters with non-con creepers!) so I'd like to get one of the hotels near the main parts of the con:

Hotels: Hyatt, Marriott, or Hilton
Check-in: Thursday (could also do Friday if need be)
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: Anything!
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info:


A Hoping and a wishing for any host hotel

My group is back for the third year and we keep bringing new people...this is the first time we lost the race for hotels though. We are hoping for a room in any of the host hotels. Thanks so much!

Check-in: Thurs (ideally)
Check-out: Mon or Tues
Room preferences: Any
Number of rooms: Any
Contact info:
Looking for a reservation.  At least Fri-Mon but could do Thur and or Tues as well.  If anyone can help it would be much appreciated as I once again missed the reservation madness for a spot.  Hilton preferred but any host or nearby will do.  You can reach me at 
Hotel(s): Any Host, Though Hilton is Preferred
Check-in: Thursday Aug. 28th
Check-out: Monday Sept. 1st
Room preferences: Two Beds
Number of rooms: 1


Space for 3 at Aloft

If your not familiar with the Aloft - it is where the Days Inn used to be. Its a brand new hotel opening in April. According to google its about a 3 minute walk to the Hyatt.

I have space for 3 in my room at the Aloft. This reservation is for my friend, however it is in my name and therefore I am looking to fill it. They could not make the reservation themselves. This is a double room and there will be 4 people. You will be guaranteed bed space as long as your not opposed to sharing.

While DC is considered a party convention, we are looking for people who have other interests as well, and may or may not want to party. 21+ at least but we prefer 25+. We are VERY volunteer friendly.

The total cost is $250 for 4 nights - (Thursday - Monday). There is a deposit due and all money must be paid before the convention- no later than June 27th. Also there is a roommate agreement - which really shouldn't be viewed as something scary.

Contact info: kungpowkirby at gmail dot com Please put "DragonCon Roomshare" in the title to weed out any spam. :)

Room needed, any hotel

Hotel(s):prefer something close but anything nice will do.
Check-in: thursday
Check-out: sunday or monday
Room preferences: non smoking
Number of rooms:
Contact info: (774)3059443/

Im very respectful to people that help me out. Im not loud and unruley. Im usually up really early but I keep quite and get ready without making a ton of noise. Same goes if I come back to the room late at night. I am over 21 so I'm down for parties as long as there is eventually some quiet for sleeping involved. Haha.

needing space for 1

Hotel(s):any, prefer walking distance or serviced by DC shuttle
Check-in: thursday
Check-out: sunday or monday
Room preferences: none
Number of rooms: none
Contact info: 3346627211/3342461358

I am a volunteer staffer with limited funds available and would like a room during the times listed, i only need it to sleep and shower as i work alot as security. i am looking at a top budget of 300 but ideal of 200

Looking for a Host Hotel

Thursday through Monday
One room
Two beds (not a must)
Any Host Hotel or Aloft Atlanta
contact -

Looking for a host hotel room

After not having the money to go for several years, my wife, two friends, and myself are in need of a room for D*C. We didn't think we'd be able to go during that five minute period when the hotels were available back in September.

We need a room with two beds for Thursday through Monday. If anyone can help us out, you will be blessed with good luck for all your days and all of your eggs will crack right the first time instead of getting little bits of shell in them.

E-mail is

Room wish for Marriott/Hilton/Hyatt

Hello all.

This will be my 6th year attending (and volunteering), but will now be joined by my sister, and a couple of friends who've never been. I generally stay outside of the city, but this year, I'm hoping to take over a room at one of the three adjoining hotels. Would be interested in the Sheraton as last resort. We'd need two beds.

Checking in: Thurs (8/28)
Checking out: Mon (9/1)
4 adults with a few costumes

My name is Jennifer, and my email is HRHLadyJaye at aol dot com

Room Needed, Any Host Hotel, Any Days

Hi all,

I'm looking for a room transfer in any of the host hotels. Unfortunately, we were unable to get through once the rooms were released and don't want to miss out on all the fun and camaraderie of being in one of the host hotels if possible. If anyone is interested in transferring one (1) room, please message me. We'll owe you a drink or a meal something. :)

Hotel(s): Any Host Hotel (Hilton preferred)
Check-in: Thursday (flexible)
Check-out: Monday (flexible)
Room preferences: 1 bed if possible (flexible)
Number of rooms: 1 room
Contact info: divinecomplexity @
29m seeking room. You know the story. Didn't have the dough. But I do now! I'll keep the room clean, my stuff in the corner, and I promise we'll have a good time. I'll likely spend most of the time running around the Con drinking with fellow cosplayers, but I'll respect your bed times and I'll be quiet as a mouse.

Hotel(s): Hyatt preferred but any host or any within walking distance
Check-in: Thursday or Friday
Check-out: Sunday or Monday

Seeking a room!

Haha.. Guess everyone is seeking a room. We have 3 people who want a reservation, preferably in a Host Hotel, but anything close/within walking distance will do! We would like to come Friday leaving Monday, but if you have Thursday through Monday we'll take it! Please contact

Late to the bandwagon

I need to add my name to the list for a room. Prefer one of the host hotels, but will take anything reasonably close, if need be. I need it Thursday-Monday. Double preferred, but will take whatever is available. Contact: thanks! 

Need only Thursday

Hi! I have a rather odd request, I need a roomshare for two people on Thursday August 28. I would prefer the Marriott since I have a room for the rest of the weekend there, but any host or overflow within walking distance would do. I would be willing to pay whatever you think would be fair for one night. I'm good with the floor and my companion would need space enough for a cot or couch because she has back problems. Thanks in advance!

Need a room/share!

Yooo, two female-bodied people looking for a room! We'd frankly prefer to room with other females because of safety reasons (we're a couple btw). We do need a bed (couch'll do in a pinch) as I myself have an arthritis-type disability (yaaaay, fibro :( ) and sleeping on the floor is killer, lol. Not really interested in room stuffing - 2 or 3 other people is fine, though. Would like a non-adult-activities focused room (e.g. no drinking or partying).

Hotel(s): Westin is HIGHLY preferred but any Pilot or Satellite hotel in the immediate vicinity will do!
Check-in: Thursday check-in
Check-out: Monday check-out
Room preferences: Any
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: or - just drop me an ask there. :>