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Sticky Post of Great Wisdom

Contact the people HERE if you have a reservation to give up.


- If you need a reservation, join the community and make a post and include the following info:
[please list day (Thursday, Friday, etc), not date]
   Room preferences:
   Number of rooms:
   Contact info:
[LJ's comment and PM system has not been very reliable over the last year, so please include an email address]
- Please do not leave a room request in the comments on the transfer list. You MUST make an entry to the community to be added.
- Please do not repost reservation-request entries. Reposted requests may result in the original entry and place on the transfer list being deleted. If you need your entry on the transfer list edited, comment on the transfer list or PM a mod.
- PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST once your request/roomshare has been filled.

Mods are eidolon_bird, dianne_the_geek and timba.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have.

Roomshare needed for 2

I need to find a room share for my daughter and myself, at host hotel or walking distance overflow. Plan on Fri check in with Mon check out, but will do Thur check in if needed. We are quiet, we do not smoke/drink/do drugs, and are only in the room to sleep. Would prefer a bed but will take floor space if have to, I can bring a blowup mattress. Please contact me

Looking for 1 room

Looking for one room at the Hilton, Marriott, or Motel 6.

Check-in Thursday
Check-out Monday

You can contact me at

May. 13th, 2015

Hotel(s): Any host hotel or close overflow

Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: Transfer of rooms, please.
Number of rooms: 3
Contact info: You can reach me at w_english (at) hotmail (dot) com. Please put "DragonCon Room" or something along those lines in the subject area.

Looking for a transfer of three (I know, a tall order) rooms in a host hotel or a close by overflow. Five folks total with some international travel involved.


Need floor space for two please :)

Hotel(s): Any host hotel
Check-in: Thursday or Friday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: Floor space
Number of rooms: Looking to share
Contact info: erin dot valentin at gmail dot com

We are 28 and 30 yo, looking for floor space at a host hotel. We would not be in the room very often and usually sleep at con from 5am-noonish. Alcohol friendly, fun, and laid back. This one time I ended up finding angry men to room share, so please don't be an angry old man. Thanks!

Looking for a spot in a host hotel

Is there any room available from Thurs/Fri - Mon/Tues?

Preferably the Hyatt.
May be open to an overflow hotel.

I'm 35/m/Orlando.
Just need the room for some ZZs, bathing, and storing liqour.
I plan to be out and about well into the following day each night so won't spend much time in the room otherwise.

Contact me at: ekulfish *at* gmail *dot* com

Roomshare needed - 2 spots

The basics:

Hotel: Preferably any host hotel, also open to nearby overflow hotels
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Tuesday (willing to consider Monday)
Room Preferences: Anything with spots for two people, whether bed or floor
Number of Rooms: 2 spots in one room
Contact Info: joshua dot t dot green at gmail dot com

The rest:

Hello all! I'm looking for 2 spots in a roomshare for my sister and I. My 4th Dragon Con, her first. Host hotel preferred (Westin especially, that's where I stayed last year) but not required. We're planning to be there from Thursday evening through Tuesday morning, but if you're leaving Monday, I'm sure we can work something out for the last day. Given that it's my sister and I, it would obviously have to be a coed roomshare. She'll be doing some cosplay but nothing that takes up too much space. Neither of us smoke. Some amount of social drinking to be expected, but nothing too wild and crazy. (That's what the nightly Atrium Ballroom rave is for, right?)

Artoo Needs a Room!! (SO does his handlers)

Hotel(s): Marriott, Hilton, or Hyatt
Check-in: Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
Check-out:Monday or Tuesday
Room preferences: Anything with a bed and 110 outlet for Artoo!
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: Jack@TheMIXX.FM

Artoo is very heavy (190 lbs) and difficult to transport to the events from the outer hotels. Therefore, in order to bring him each year, we must be in one of the above mentioned hotels. This year has gone crazy, and we missed the initial dates to register. We'd love to check in on Monday, and stay through the following Tuesday, but are flexible. Thanks!

Do you want to stay in a host hotel every year? Then join a reliable team! I'm an Eternal Member who is forming a regular group of all-female roommates who stay together every year for either Thur-Tue or Wed-Tue. There will be a total of 4 ladies in the room, everyone gets bed space.

If you join my room for 2015 you need to be okay with staying at either the Hyatt or the Marriott - I currently have a room at the Hyatt but I'm going to try to find a room at the Marriott until the last second.

If you know of someone who wants to swap their Marriott room for the Hyatt, send them my way! I have a both a Hyatt room and Sheraton room for Wed-Tue. I'm willing to trade either one for the Marriott for those same dates. I can be a little flexible on the dates - I know Wed-Tue reservations are rare.

Preferred hotel: Marriott.
Total people in Room: 4. Everyone gets bed space.
Room includes: Refrigerator, wifi, low floor request, near ice machine.

When you contact me at please...
1) Refer to this post as I have other online posts.
2) Mention what dates you are interested in.
3) Include a good subject line so I can fish you out of my spam folder.

I'll respond with a detailed email so we can get to know each other.

Also, I have a post for Wed only roomies at

To infinity and beyond!

Zan (rhymes with "fan") B.

About Me:
* Female
* DragonCon Eternal Member, Attendee since 2003
* Mentor to D*C First Timers since 2010: Podcast Guest: ,
* "Eternal Zan" on
* Award Winning Costumer at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, Fanboy Expo Tampa, Away Mission Tampa.
Join Team Wednsday! Wed-only space available in the Hyatt or Marriott, females only.


Updated 4-15-2015. I have space for female roommates who want to stay just this one date: check in on Wed, Sept 2, 2015 and check out the morning of Thur, Sept 3.

If you join my room you need to be okay with staying at either the Hyatt or the Marriott -
I currently have a room at the Hyatt but I'm going to try to find a room at the Marriott until the last second.

If you know of someone who wants to swap their Marriott room for the Hyatt, send them my way! I have a both a Hyatt room and Sheraton room for Wed-Tue. I'm willing to trade either one for the Marriott for those same dates. I can be a little flexible on the dates - I know Wed-Tue reservations are rare.

The Wed-only arrangement is perfect for...

1) DragonCon volunteers/staffers are who checking into another hotel the next day
2) People coming from many time zones away (Trust me, you'll appreciate getting the sleep!)
3) Hard-core attendees who want to get the party started early. Yes, there are Wednesday night parties! No, this is not a party room.

Room type: two doubles, rollaway bed request, refrigerator, wifi.
Cost: $65 each. (Sadly, the DragonCon rate does not apply to Wednesdays.)

When you contact me at please...
1) Mention you are interested in just Wednesday and refer to this post as I have other online posts as well.
2) Include a good subject line so I can fish you out of my spam folder.

I will respond with a detailed email.

Zan (rhymes with "fan") B.
Dragon Con Eternal Member, Attendee since 2003

Also see my post "Eternal Member seeks permanent roomies for 2014 and beyond. Females only" at


WEDNESDAY CHECK IN AT ALOFT!!!!!!! Hey all, I have space available at the Aloft hotel perfect for early arrivers and people who want to avoid the crazy (yet entertaining) chaos that is "Luggage Day" with a Wednesday check in and TUESDAY MORNING check out. Flexible on arrangements if you are looking for the full 6 day, Thursday to Monday or even just Wednesday or Monday night as a fill in. hit me up at jamescbryan3rd at g mail dot com or call or text four zero four 551 eight 5 8 five
Once again was out of pockets during the reservation madness and missed out. Anyone with a change or plans or extra room reservation that wants to pass one this way will be appreciated. ANy Host or nearby hotel will due this time around.



Seeking All Female Roomshare

Hotels:Any Host Hotel, The Hyatt Place (overflow), Best Western Plus Inn at the Peachtrees, Double Tree by Hilton Atlanta Downtown, Hampton Inn and Suites Atlanta Downtown, Holiday Inn Express and Suites Atlanta Downtown, Quality Hotel Downtown, or Aloft Atlanta Downtown
Check In: Thurs
Check Out: Mon
Room Preferences: all female, non smoking
Number of Rooms: 1
Contact info:

Hello, I am a 23 year old female looking for an all female roomshare at any host hotel,The Hyatt Place, Best Western Plus Inn at the Peachtrees, Double Tree by Hilton Atlanta Downtown, Hampton Inn and Suites Atlanta Downtown, Holiday Inn Express, Quality Hotel, or Aloft Atlanta Downtown. I am a cosplayer/costumer, but my costumes are compact and do not take up much space. I would be more than happy to take up floor space, just need a place to keep my stuff and crash at night. I do not smoke and I am allergic, so I prefer non smoking roomshare, I'm not much of a party person, but I don't mind if other people are. As a forwarning I am a diabetic, so if needles bother you, you might want to pass me up. I'm sorry,but I am just not comfortable with sharing a room with a guy so please, do not contact me if you are planning on having a guy in the roomshare (even if he is your fiance, or brother, or best guy friend, etc). I can only swing $325 maximum for all four nights, and if there is anything else you need to know about me please feel free to ask. Thank you ^_^
My Email is :
Hotel(s) Any Host Hotel, over flow hotel within a few blocks or next to a marta station.
Check-out: Sunday but I don't mind paying for Monday since I may be there late Sunday.
Room preferences:
All females or Co-ed, non party room,  floor space if available.
Contact info:

I'm looking for a roomsharea at a host hotel or an over flow within a few blocks or next to a marta station. I'm female, 38, and would prefer an all female room, but if that's not possible I'll take one that's co-ed. I'd also like for a nonparty room as well. I'll take floorspace if availabl since I  have an air mattress I can bring.
Hi folks!

Looking for a room for DragonCon 2015--we (my husband and I)  had to to stop coming because for a little while because babies but we're really excited to hop back in and do all the things we love at DragonCon :)

Hotel(s) Any Host Hotel, but the Marriott Marquis if I can swing it.
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences:
*** either one king bed or two double beds
Number of rooms:1
Contact info:

Looking for reservation transfer at Hilton

It's a little early, but my regular reservation didn't work out this year, so if someone has one they're trying to get rid of, I'd love to take it off your plate.

Thanks in advance!

Hotel(s): Hilton
Check-in: Thursday / Friday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: 2+ Beds
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info:

Hotel(s): Any host hotel, overflow, or other downtown hotel within walking distance of the host hotels
Check-in: Thursday (may be flexible if only Friday is available)
Check-out: Tuesday
Room preferences: 2 beds preferred
Number of rooms: 1 room
Contact info:

Roomshare needed!

Hotel(s): Any of the host hotels! Although, I do hear that the Ritz apparently has great D*Con rates and is only minutes away from the con.
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Sunday,Monday, or even Tuesday. (I'm flexible with the dates, but preferably Monday)
Room preferences: No real preferences, honestly. Two beds? I have a sleeping bag so don't mind sleeping on the floor.
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: Email:

My cousin (possibly attending) and I (Certainly attending) are looking for a room and didn't realize we had to book extremely early. This is my first time going to Dragon Con, as you can probably tell by my previous sentence. We're not picky people and can adapt to whatever rules are implemented. We'll both be cosplaying, but will ensure to stay organized and not let our stuff get in the way. What I seek for is space, honestly. I have a sleeping bag, or a mini air mattress I can bring with me, and just take the floor. We're very open and friendly people and neither have an age or gender preference, honestly. After all, we're all here for the same thing. :)

Host Hotel Room Needed

Hotel(s): Any host hotel
Check-in: Thursday, September 3rd
Check-out: Monday, September 7th
Room preferances: Two beds if possible
Number of rooms: One
Contact info:

I am looking for a room at a host hotel for me and four of my friends. I tried booking a room at the Marriott when the rooms became available, but it sold out really quickly. I tried again when the others became available, but they were sold out just as fast.

2 roommates wanted for DC 2015

My roomie and I are looking for 2 roommates to share our reservation at the Ellis Hotel during DragonCon this year. We are both ladies over 40 and prefer that our roommates are also. It's a non-smoking room, Wed-Tues. We are not partiers, and prefer our room to be the oasis of calm away from the insanity of con. We're okay with alcohol consumption but no drugs. We both cosplay, so the room is cosplay friendly. We typically bring snacks and drinks so that we can grab a quick bite to eat between panels and we are willing to share. The room cost for the entire 6 days is approximately $600 per person, payable in advance of the con by money order or via PayPal. Yes, it's a bit on the expensive side but the Ellis is well worth the extra dollars. Hands down the best hotel I've ever stayed in and I will never stay anywhere else for DragonCon again. PM me if interested.

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Seeking Reservation at Host Hotel

Hello fellow DragonCon-goers! This is our first trip to DragonCon and, despite hours of careful and meticulous planning, every attempt to get a room for my wife and I at a host hotel has failed! I'm truly hoping someone here will be able to help us.

I'll obviously be glad to cover any transfer fees. I currently have a room (1 bedroom suite) at the Country Inn and Suites 3 miles away and would be more than willing to trade or transfer it to someone after I find a room at a host hotel.

Host Hotels (in order of preferece): Hyatt Regency, Marriott Marquis, Hilton, Westin, & Sheraton (basically any host hotel)
Check-In: Thursday, September 3rd
Check-Out: Sunday, September 6th
Number of Rooms: 1
Room Preferences: Two people, One bed preferred (but flexible)
Contact Info: stevenkb at gmail dot com