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Contact the people HERE if you have a reservation to give up.


- If you need a reservation, join the community and make a post and include the following info:
[please list day (Thursday, Friday, etc), not date]
   Room preferences:
   Number of rooms:
   Contact info:
[LJ's comment and PM system has not been very reliable over the last year, so please include an email address]
- Please do not leave a room request in the comments on the transfer list. You MUST make an entry to the community to be added.
- Please do not repost reservation-request entries. Reposted requests may result in the original entry and place on the transfer list being deleted. If you need your entry on the transfer list edited, comment on the transfer list or PM a mod.
- PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST once your request/roomshare has been filled.

Mods are eidolon_bird, dianne_the_geek and timba.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have.

I have floor space for 4 people from Thursday to Monday at the Ritz Carlton. The room is kind of pricey at $400 per person for the weekend but, lets be honest, it is the Ritz! We will be 7 total in the room to make it affordable for everyone. It will be a little crowded but mostly we use the room for showers, costume changes, snacks, and naps. Mainly con veterans confirmed so far. There will be drinking (not a lot of drinking) in the room and there will be some late entries to go to bed.

The Ritz Carlton is not a host hotel but it much better in my opinion. Its easy walking distance to the con (barely 1 block) and you wont have to fight through crowds to get to the elevators or your room like the host hotels. I requested a room overlooking Peachtree so we can checkout what’s going on below before we head out, and we will be located on the level closest to the lobby. Also, the Ritz is a pretty swanky hotel!

Your spot in the room will be reserved upon receipt of payment. Paypal is probably the easiest. I had a friend that got conned out of some money last year so please contact me if you have any questions or need any verification about the room. I'll be happy to provide it.

Contact info:
I'm a space track volunteer and seeking a room with a bed at the Hilton, then the Marriott, then the Sheridan. Must have a bed. I prefer to take over a reservation but will roomshare.
Hotel(s): Hilton, Marriott, or Sheridan: Hilton Preferred
Check-in: Thursday (will consider Wednesday if reasonable)
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: Any
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info:  Can pay via paypal or google wallet, deposit or full price depending upon amount. I don't smoke and will have some late nights because of Astronomy Live, but I'm not a party animal. I might drink, but usually don't have time.

Seeking Host Hotel Room


I am seeking 1 room in any host hotel for 2 people.

Hotels: Any Host hotel.

Check in: Friday September 4th. (Willing to do Thursday check in if needed)
Check out: Monday September 7th. (Willing to do Friday check out if needed)

Room preference: Room for 2 people (or more).

Number of rooms: 1

Please contact me at

Many thanks!
I am looking to get a room transfer. Will take the room even if it is not con rate.
Hotel(s): Westin preferred, will try Hyatt or Hilton.
Check In: Thursday
Check out: Tuesday
Room Preferences: One king or two double.
Number of rooms: One
Contact Info: Stephanie Bolton 205-344-3461 or
A friend of mine and I (male) are looking for a room. Floor space is fine and what we're used to .. used to staying 4-5 to a room. Really, anything within walking distance is fine although I don't like the hotels out on Capitol Ave. We'd like a host or overflow of course but we're 9-10 year Con vets (fuzzy on that) and easily satisfied. No one goes to Dragoncon for the rooms anyways.

Check-in: Thursday (could also do wendesday), Check-out: Mon

Send to:

need host hotel room

I missed out on a reservation with the westin but I am hopefull something springs up here. I am interested in a room in any host hotel and will pay room transfer fees and extra money on top of that just let me know. thanks.

Roomshare/room wanted

Hi, all!
It's my first time at Dragoncon, and I had no idea how early you had to book! I'm looking for a roomshare, preferably in one of the host hotels. I'm open to a bedshare with a female, but not with a male, and I'd prefer there be at least one other woman in the room.
As for myself - I'm 35, female, mostly a book fan with some media thrown in, and I will either be doing a highly understated steampunk cosplay or no cosplay at all.
I have a bad reaction to tobacco smoke, and I'm a very quiet person. I tend to be the 'early to bed, early to rise; type, but at Dragon con, who knows?

Thanks for helping a newbie out!

Hotel(s): any host hotel, or hotel close enough to walk to and from
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: non-smoking.
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info:

Rooms needed....

Check-in: prefer Thursday, may be able to take Friday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: Mariott, Hilton, or Hyatt
Number of rooms: up to 2
Contact info: naomi . de . plume (take out the spaces)

Host Hotel Room Needed

Help out a first timer and her other nerdy friends have an awesome experience! You know you wanna... We need any host hotel for the following:
Check-in: Wednesday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: No preference
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: samanthakhan2010 at gmail dot com (Yeah, like 'wrath of Khan' Khan!)

Seeking room

Hi everyone!

My wife and I are looking for a D*con hotel this year; we stayed at the Sheraton last year, but missed the boat this year because we each thought the other made the reservation. Oops. If someone has a room to transfer and can help us out, that would be fantastic.

Hotel: Any host hotel or any overflow hotel within walking distance.
Check in: Thursday or Friday
Check out: Monday
Room preferences: Two beds if possible but can take a single bed
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info:

Looking for host hotel!

I am looking for any of the host hotels for my family - this will be my little girl's first Dcon!

Hotel(s): any host hotel
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: single queen bed or two doubles
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: u2ecila @


Looking for a room

Hotel(s): prefer host or Ritz Carlton, but any in downtown will be acceptable
Check-in: Thursday or Friday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: 2 queen beds
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: ejgamingdoc [at] gmail dot com

I will be happy to handle any transfer fees or any other unscheduled fees.

Room Request

Looking to find a room in a host hotel for Dcon 2015, Marriott preferred, but not a deal breaker.
Looking for clean room transfer, no additional guests.
Will handle Transfer Fees and any other unforsseen fees.

Contact at this username
L@@king for a host hotel.. One that I can take over. Need two beds for four people. In on Thursday out either Monday or Tuesday. Prefer Hyatt Hilton or Marriott. Pm if you like to transfer your room.


L@@king for a dragoncon room

Hunting a room at a host hotel .. for Thursday to Monday or Tuesday.. Need two beds.. but will take any.. Need it for four people. Will also take over any room in walking distance.

email @

Need 1 Room at Any Host Hotel

Hotel: Any Host Hotel
Check in: Thursday or Friday
Check out : Monday or Tuesday

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Space needed in hotel for 2015.

My boyfriend and I need space for dragoncon.  We can bring our own full size air mattrus and sleep on the floor if needed. We are in our 50's so not too wild, but do enjoy the con.  Casual drinkers and spend most of the time at the con..not in the room. We can arrive Thurs or Friday and will stay till Monday morning.
Looking for a room, preferably in a host hotel, but anything walking distance is cool.
Check in Thurs, Check out Mon or Tues. Prefer a 2 queen/2 double bed room, but will take a king if necessary. Please email with offers, leads, or info.


L@@king for a dragoncon room

L@@king for a host hotel for Sept. 3 to 8 need for 4 people. Willing to take over any room. Would prefer a host, but is willing to take over any room in walking distance from con. Pm @

on the Hunt for A dragoncon room

L@@king for a host hotel for Sept. 3 to 8 need for 4 people. Willing to take over any room. Would prefer a host, but is willing to take over any room in walking distance from con. Pm @