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Contact the people HERE if you have a reservation to give up.


- If you need a reservation, join the community and make a post and include the following info:
[please list day (Thursday, Friday, etc), not date]
   Room preferences:
   Number of rooms:
   Contact info:
[LJ's comment and PM system has not been very reliable over the last year, so please include an email address]
- Please do not leave a room request in the comments on the transfer list. You MUST make an entry to the community to be added.
- Please do not repost reservation-request entries. Reposted requests may result in the original entry and place on the transfer list being deleted. If you need your entry on the transfer list edited, comment on the transfer list or PM a mod.
- PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST once your request/roomshare has been filled.

Mods are eidolon_bird, dianne_the_geek and timba.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have.

L@@king for a host hotel.. One that I can take over. Need two beds for four people. In on Thursday out either Monday or Tuesday. Prefer Hyatt Hilton or Marriott. Pm if you like to transfer your room.


L@@king for a dragoncon room

Hunting a room at a host hotel .. for Thursday to Monday or Tuesday.. Need two beds.. but will take any.. Need it for four people. Will also take over any room in walking distance.

email @

Need 1 Room at Any Host Hotel

Hotel: Any Host Hotel
Check in: Thursday or Friday
Check out : Monday or Tuesday

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Space needed in hotel for 2015.

My boyfriend and I need space for dragoncon.  We can bring our own full size air mattrus and sleep on the floor if needed. We are in our 50's so not too wild, but do enjoy the con.  Casual drinkers and spend most of the time at the con..not in the room. We can arrive Thurs or Friday and will stay till Monday morning.
Looking for a room, preferably in a host hotel, but anything walking distance is cool.
Check in Thurs, Check out Mon or Tues. Prefer a 2 queen/2 double bed room, but will take a king if necessary. Please email with offers, leads, or info.


L@@king for a dragoncon room

L@@king for a host hotel for Sept. 3 to 8 need for 4 people. Willing to take over any room. Would prefer a host, but is willing to take over any room in walking distance from con. Pm @

on the Hunt for A dragoncon room

L@@king for a host hotel for Sept. 3 to 8 need for 4 people. Willing to take over any room. Would prefer a host, but is willing to take over any room in walking distance from con. Pm @

l@@king for a dragoncon room

Anyone not going to Dragoncon.. Wanting to give their room. Host hotel prefer .. will take any in walking Distance. Arrive Sept 3 leave either Sept 7 or 8 .. email me @
Hotel(s): Hilton or Mariott
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: N/A
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info:
Hotel(s): Marriott (preferred), Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton

Check-in: [Friday (Flexible, but would prefer what I have posted)]
Check-out: Sunday or Monday (again flexible here too)
Room preferences: Any
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: [Please Email me at: ]

I tried my best to get a room this year, but I made the mistake of going off for my hotel information and missed the boat. ...And the Marriott selling out in 6 minutes didn't help either. Thanks!

I have friends counting on me and there was a mixup when I purchased my Marriott reservation which caused it to bounce, and I was notified of it far too late to do anything about it.

Please contact me at with "DragonCon Hotel" in the subject if you are able to assist, I and my friends would be eternally grateful. Thanks!

Need a room for D*C '15! :D


We missed out on booking the host hotels when they became, we need:

Hotel(s): First choice is Marriott! Second, Hilton. We will be happy to get any host hotel, though!
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: Doubles, but would be okay with a King
Number of rooms: one
Contact info:,

Thanks! :D
Hotel(s): ANY
Check-in: THURS or FRI
Check-out: MON
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: joan (dot) grillo (at) gmail (dot) com

I can meet at the con and transfer the hotel or we can do it whatever other way works. If transfer fees apply, I will pay.

room or spece needed for two people.

I am in need of space for two people me(25) and my brother(19) nither one of us smoke or drink but don't mind to be around it was just saying incase. I am willing to take a reservation off someones hands or share a room however my brother can not be on the floor due to having a hip replacement. i dont mind floor space. Just need a place to crash lol.

Days thursday through monday or tuesday 2015
Hotel any host

Hope I did this right.

Contac. Email
Just put dragoncon in the subject.9

Need 1-2 rooms for Dragoncon 2015

1-2 rooms wanted for Dragoncon 2015 at Marriott Marquis or The Westin.
Hotels: Marriott Marquis or The Westin Peachtree plaza
Check in: Thursday or Friday
Check out: Monday
Room preference: Doesn't really matter
Number of rooms: 1-2

I will pay transfer fees if needed.

Room at Marriott wanted for DC 2015.

Room at Marriott Marquis wanted.
Check-in Wednesday or Thursday.
Checkout Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
Room preference, prefer king, but doesn't matter.
1 room.
Domenech1776 at

Am I doing this right?

Looking for Dcon room

Looking for room in any of host hotels. Willing to negotiate price. Contact:
Hotel(s): any host hotel; will cover any/all transfer fees
Check-in: Thursday (Wednesday OK)
Check-out: Monday (Tuesday OK)
Room preferences: Two doubles preferred, but we'll take what we can get and be glad!
Number of rooms: 1 (or 2; a girl can dream)
Contact info: empresscats *at* gmail *dot* com

I have a Sheraton room for Wed, Sept 2, 2015 to Tue, Sept 8, 2015 at the con rate. If this is more dates than you want, you can drop the extra days you don't need.

I will trade it for a Marriott room for either Wed-Tue or Thur-Tue.

I know rooms are not supposed to be transferable. But I have found this method to be very reliable. Being polite and persistent works.

Email me at
- Zan B.

Need room for my friends and I

Hotel(s): Any within walking distance
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: 2 beds
Number of rooms: just 1
Contact info:

I wouldn't mind being a roomie.