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Sticky Post of Great Wisdom

Contact the people HERE if you have a reservation to give up.


- If you need a reservation, join the community and make a post and include the following info:
[please list day (Thursday, Friday, etc), not date]
   Room preferences:
   Number of rooms:
   Contact info:
[LJ's comment and PM system has not been very reliable over the last year, so please include an email address]
- Please do not leave a room request in the comments on the transfer list. You MUST make an entry to the community to be added.
- Please do not repost reservation-request entries. Reposted requests may result in the original entry and place on the transfer list being deleted. If you need your entry on the transfer list edited, comment on the transfer list or PM a mod.
- PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST once your request/roomshare has been filled.

Mods are eidolon_bird, dianne_the_geek and timba.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have.

Offering high fives for a host hotel!

Hotels: any host hotel
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: any
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: willhighfiveforhotel@gmail.com

I will reimburse you immediately and take on any other fees once the room is transferred.


Hello all, i managed to snag a room at the Indigo Hotel with a september 1st check in and sep 5th check out. spots are 300 per person. Double queen. contact at jamescbryan3rd AT gmail.com and transactions for this will be done through google wallet with 100 up front and the remainder due 30 days before dragoncon

Go ahead, make my day! :)

In search of room at any host hotel. This is our second time to DragonCon, but still underestimated what it takes to be in the center of the action. We've talked friends into going and if we can get them a room too, we will. Ready and able to make the transfer at your convenience.

Hotel(s): Any
Check-in: Thursday or Friday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: any
Number of rooms: 2, but would take one.
Contact info: stdpudel@hotmail.com
Any host hotel
Wednesday or Thursday
Monday or Tuesday
Room preferences
Number of rooms
Contact info
I'll reimburse you pronto!

And now, a cat cuddling a bearded dragon.

Looking foor Host Room Transfer 2016

Hotel(s): Hilton, Marriot, or Hyatt preferred will take Westin or Sheraton
Check-in: Thurs
Check-out: Tues (Will take Monday if that's all that's available)
Room preferences: Prefer King, but will take any
Number of rooms: 1 or more (See below)
Contact info: pasttenseofsnow (at) gmail (dot) com
Phone / Text: Four 1 seven 5 six 9 - seven 6 nine 7

I'm looking for 1 room for me, but any additional rooms would be great. We have a pretty big group coming next year and we've struck out at all the host hotels.

I'm glad to pay any transfer fees. I can reimburse any deposit immediately. Once I'm added to the room we can add my credit card info and I'll take on any other fees.

RoomShare Wanted 2016

Need a roommate for Dragoncon 2016? I'm it. Looking for any host hotel space. I'm male and 35, don't smoke, drink or party in the room. I will have a costume or two. Won't be much as I am flying in from South Dakota. Looking for Wednesday(preferred) or Thursday checkin with check out on Monday or Tuesday(preferred).

I'd prefer to split the room costs 50/50 to keep the room quiet and not crowded. Willing to share with a couple of people as well.

Marriott, Hyatt or Hilton request

Hotel: Marriott, Hyatt or Hilton first, then Sheraton or Westin
Check in: Thursday September 1st, but could check in Friday if needed
Check out: Sunday or Monday September 4th or 5th, either is fine
Room preference: king but not a deal breaker
Number of rooms: one
Contact info: devo0220@yahoo.com

thank you!

Any Host Hotel!

Hotel(s): Any Host Hotel
Check-in: Thurs
Check-out: Mon
Room preferences: Double if possible, but King is okay
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: aduck8myshoes@gmail.com

I can reimburse for the 1 night deposit asap and you will be paid on arrival for the rest. Thanks!

Any Connected Host Hotel Please!

The disappointment, it burns. XD

Hotel: Hilton, Marriot, or Hyatt
Check-In: Wednesday OR Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Number of rooms: 1
Room preferences: Double
Contact info: kismet_jaganashi@yahoo.com

Land grab fail

Hotel: Marriott Marquis
Check in: Wednesday August 31st
Check out: Monday or Tuesday September 5th or 6th
Room preference: king or double
Room #: one
Contact info: foreverseenstar at gmail dot com


Room needed for 2016

Hotel(s): Hyatt preferred, will take any other host hotel though
Check-in: Wednesday
Check-out: Tuesday
Room preferences: Double
Number of rooms: 1, although if there's anyone with 2 rooms to transfer we have a large group going and there's always people we know that needs room closer to con and end up crashing with us and we get cramped with just one room
Contact info: jlaurendrury@gmail.com

Need Room in HILTON - DragonCon 2016

Needing a room in the Hilton for 2016, with 2 beds.    Preferably CheckIn  Wednesday Aug 31st, CheckOut Monday Sept 2nd.   Will reimburse your first night paid in advance.

Here's hoping!!!!

2016 Hyatt Room Request

Hotel(s): Hyatt
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: Double
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: johneyoung@gmail.com

Thanks, and I will be happy to reimburse you for the first night immediately!

Room Request

Hotel: Hyatt or Hilton
Check-In: Thursday Sept 1
Check-Out: Tuesday Sept 6 (Monday check-out if needed)
Room preferences: Double
Number of Rooms: 1
Contact Info: erinhamburg@gmail.com

Got screwed over by Hyatt legacy booking (we stayed there this year and got NO information on early booking. Everyone I asked didn't seem to know. Was told to call on the 29th. They are booked. No help at all from Hyatt.) So looking for other ways! Thanks! 

Hilton Room Request

Hotel(s): Hilton
Check-in: Wednesday (Will take Thursday)
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: Double Beds
Number of rooms: 2
Contact info: das.maria@outlook.com

Seeking 2 Hilton rooms to take over for a bachelor party at con 2016!
Any help appreciated!!

Room available at Omni

Friend bailed on us, looking to transfer our reservation at the Omni.

Friday - Monday (3 nights), 2 queen beds, non-smoking room. Total was about $800. The Omni is less than a mile from the con, and is an official overflow hotel, so there's a shuttle going back and forth between the hotel and the con area ("Dragoncon 2015 Green Shuttle").

Please email rachel.b.patton at gmail if you are interested. 
My friend and I have a room at the Ellis Hotel and we WILL be using the room as well. The room is costing us $1000 for FRIDAY SATURDAY and SUNDAY nights. We are trying to off-set the price by bringing in 2 additional people. We want $400 altogether for both spots or $250 per person for all 3 nights. You may use the room as if it were yours i.e. sleep, nap, store items such as clothes and costumes, shower, bathroom... and so on. You will be using the Floor to sleep on unless there is more room than we are expecting...

TO CLARIFY: TOTAL COST is $400 for: 2 people for FRIDAY SATURDAY and SUNDAY nights
OR: TOTAL COST is $250 for: 1 Person for FRIDAY SATURDAY and SUNDAY nights

We might be open to doing a night by night deal if you are not going for the full 4 days at dragon con.
Text details and I will discuss them with my friend.

Text or call: 4044088491

Look at photo on craigslist post: http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/roo/5203476310.html to see location relative to dragon con locations. We are right in the mix of things. I outlined the "Normal" dragon con locations and hotels in BLUE. I Circled the Big 5 Hotels (Hyatt, Marriot, Westin, Shereton, Hilton) in GREEN. Our Hotel (ELLIS) is circled in RED

Space at Marriott Marquis

Roommate just cancelled on me. I now have a space ( your on bed ) at the Marquis. I'm the only one, so have space
for one or two people. Let me know.


Space available at Omni

One Queen bed and floor space for 2 available at the Omni. Thursday - Monday, $200 per person.

We are a married couple, early 30s, no kids with us. We are volunteers with early morning shifts, so no parties. Expect people coming and going quietly at all hours.

Space Available at the Ritz Carlton

Hotel: Ritz Carlton
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Spaces Available: 2

We have 2 spaces available (floor or where ever, we're flexible) at the Ritz Carlton. It's located across from the Westin. Close enough to be a host hotel but without all of the crowds. We have TWO rooms with 5 or 6 people in each room. Age range is late 20s to early 30s with a mix of guys and girls. We are a pretty even split of graduate students and professionals. There will be drinking and possibly late night partying (i.e. late night entry) in one of the rooms. the other room will be designated for those that want to sleep. We are a lively bunch but still friendly and respectful. Spaces are $300 per person for the whole weekend. No preference on male or female.

Email me with questions or for more info at kyonapj@gmail.com
I'd be more than happy to verify any information about the rooms or people that you'll be sharing it with.