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Sticky Post of Great Wisdom

Contact the people HERE if you have a reservation to give up.


- If you need a reservation, join the community and make a post and include the following info:
[please list day (Thursday, Friday, etc), not date]
   Room preferences:
   Number of rooms:
   Contact info:
[LJ's comment and PM system has not been very reliable over the last year, so please include an email address]
- Please do not leave a room request in the comments on the transfer list. You MUST make an entry to the community to be added.
- Please do not repost reservation-request entries. Reposted requests may result in the original entry and place on the transfer list being deleted. If you need your entry on the transfer list edited, comment on the transfer list or PM a mod.
- PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST once your request/roomshare has been filled.

Mods are eidolon_bird, dianne_the_geek and timba.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have.

Hotel Indigo downtown roomie search

  Hotel(s): Hotel Indigo Downtown
  Check-out: Friday
  Room preferences:
   Number of rooms:
   Contact info:
So here goes I have 5 spots open for my Hotel Indigo room. I'm not billing my room as a party room and there will be alcohol. In addition, please be comfortable co-eding it. The room is for two queens so one bed is up for grabs with the other splitting it with me. THis leaves floor and couch for the remainder two folks. First come first serve on where your sleeping. Price per is 260 per with 50 as far as deposit due now, 100 a month before con and the remainder when you get your room key. Contact me at kalapse@gmail.com if your interested thanks and happy conning.

Hopeful Roomie for 2017

Hello fellow DragonCon goers. I am looking for a place in a room for DragonCon 2017. I am a 26 year old female cosplayer/costumer. I already have my ticket, but missed out on getting a room. I can bring my own air mattress, so no worries about sleeping space. I do not mind drinkers, but I am allergic to cigarette smoke. I don't mind boisterous roomies, as long as the room is for sleeping, not partying. As fair warning I will only make payment upon arrival, in cash, after key swap to avoid being burned. This is non negotiable.
So here is my info:
Hotel(s):Any Host hotel, The Ellis, Courtyard Atlanta Downtown, Hyatt Place Downtown,Hotel Indigo Downtown, or Inn At The PeachTrees. No car so must be within easy walking distance.
Check-in: Thurs or Fri
Check-out: Mon
Room preferences: Non smoking
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: thieving_gnome@yahoo.com


Hey community!

Does anyone know where the 'seeking rooms' master list is now? I tried following the link in the FAQ but it doesn't work anymore.

Plans changed and we can come to DragonCon! Assuming we can get a room.

Arriving Thursday, Aug 31
Leaving Monday, Sept 4

Any host hotel is fine, if you have it. Travel dates are a little flexible too, if that helps.


Room Needed for 2017

Hotel(s): Any Host Hotel
Check-in: Thursday, August 31st
Check-out: Monday, September 4th
Room preferences: Double beds
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: birdy90@gmail.com

Hey, I'm Birdy. I'll have about 4 or 5 people staying in my room, and would prefer the Marriot if possible, but any host hotel is good with me. I'll be coming in from out of town and it's always just so much easier (and less hassle) to be in a hotel where everything is going on.

Room slots at Hyatt Regency Availiable

Hello all, im looking to find people for a room at the Hyatt for 300 dollars each. two double beds check in is thursday and check out is monday. i try to check messages here but my email jamescbryan3rd AT gmail DOT com or call or text me at four oh four 5 five 1 eight 5 8 five.

Looking for Host Room Transfer 2017

Hotel(s): Hilton, Marriot, or Hyatt preferred will take Westin or Sheraton
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: Prefer King, but will take any
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: pasttenseofsnow (at) gmail (dot) com
Phone / Text: Four 1 seven 5 six 9 - seven 6 nine 7

I'm looking for 1 room for my wife and myself.

I'm glad to pay any transfer fees. I can reimburse any deposit immediately. Once I'm added to the room we can add my credit card info and I'll take on any other fees.
There's a new group that caters to Dragon Con Host Hotel rooms.

Feel free to join.


Hyatt Room Needed for 2017

The reservation does NOT need to be a legacy transfer.  Thanks, and best of luck to everyone!

Hotel(s): Hyatt
Check-in: Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: Double preferred, but will consider anything
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: johneyoung@gmail.com
It's never too early, right?

We need a room for 2017. I prefer the Hilton, but would take Hyatt or Marriott as well.

Hotel(s): Hilton preferred, Hyatt or Marriott OK.
Check-in: Wednesday or Thursday
Check-out: Monday
Room preferences: 2 beds
Number of rooms: 1
Contact info: greendragon@bellsouth.net
My friends bailed and left me with the room. Will transfer at cost. The Dcon room rate is $240/nt ($1,133.60 total).
Check-in: Sept. 1, 2016
Check-out: Sept. 5, 2016

Contact me at kyonapj@gmail.com. Kind of last minute so please let me know ASAP!! Thanks!

Looking to transfer Room Ritz Carlton

Check-in: sept 1st
Check-out: sept 5th
Hotel: Ritz Carlton
Room Type: standard room (king bed)
My Friends bailed last minute. So I'm looking to transfer the room. Standard size and the room total is $1,133.60. Email me at Kyonapj@gmail.com with questions. Thanks a bunch!

Marriott room for transfer

Hotel: Marriott
Check in: Thursday
Check out: Monday
1 room, king or double

Contact: alsbestbuy@gmail.com

One more space for roomshare at Marriott

Our fourth person bailed on our Marriott Marquis room due to personal reasons. Looking for someone interested in the floor space. You'd be rooming with two girls and a guy, all very nice and social. The two girls are cosplayers so they have a lot of stuff but they keep it very neat and packed away to the side so the whole floor space is yours. We have the room Thurs until check out Monday. $300 for whole weekend (negotiable, just ask).
Please email smeeshlahti@gmail.com if interested, respectful, and non-smoking. Cheers!
A group of friends canceled on me so I'm looking to either transfer my rooms or fill them: I have 2 rooms at the Ritz Carlton from Thursday Sept 1st, to Monday Sept 5th. Club-Level room includes 3 meals a day, snacks (5 star chef), and unlimited alcohol (beer, wine, and top shelf) etc... The price is $560 but its pretty much an all inclusive price (6ish people total). Standard room is $87.5 per person per night (5-6 people total). Late entries are fine. There will be drinking in the rooms so only 21 and older please. Males and/or females welcome. Dcon is coming up fast so please let me know. Thanks!

For questions please email me at kyonapj@gmail.com

Available Roomshare space at the Hilton

I have a 2 bed spaces and 2 floor spaces available at the Hilton (couple years i was lucky to have Eddie Mcclintock as my neighbor during the con)

Anyways, I already have three guys and a girl sharing the room with me (we're all friends late 20s and mid 30s, all non-smokers and been going to DC* for ten years), so all genders welcome, i have only couple of requests if you share the room with us, be respectful to other people need to rest (as we barley get any during the con) and have fun ;).
Room Parties and alcohol is ok as long as you have the permission from the other people in the room.
I require a minimum of $100 deposit to reserve your spot through paypal or in person (as i got people canceling at me last minute last year and ended up paying the most last year)

Hotel: Hilton
Check-in: Thursday
Checkout: Monday
Bed Space: 250 (for all the days)
Floor space: 200 (for all the days)
Contact: Maitham
Email: tristian007@yahoo.com (prefer if you text me so I can answer faster)
Text: 470-223-2718

Embassy Suites at Centennial Olympic Park

Hotel: Embassy Suites at Centennial Olympic Park
Check-In: Thursday
Check-Out: Monday
Contact Info: text or call at 919.593.0375 or email at michaelgwilliams@gmail.com

I have a suite with two beds and a pull-out couch at the Embassy Suites available for $379/night (the AAA rate). No deposit, it just needs to be transferred to you. Total bill would be $1,778.79. The hotel has a free breakfast buffet (real breakfast!) and a free happy hour. Fantastic location and a quiet hotel! Especially perfect for someone attending the Aquarium event.

Who needs a room?

Friend of mine has one up for grabs at the Mariott.
email me if interested - khillton@gmail.com

Roomshare Available Host Hotel

I need 2-4 people for roomshare at the Marriott. It is just me and my 17 year old daughter right now. She is more comfortable with female room mates but it is not required.
Rate is $306.00 if 2 people or $204.00 if 4 people.
Check in Thursday
Check out Monday

This is a quiet, non party room.
I don't mind some drinking just not excessive in the room.
No drugs or sex.

Email me if interested or with any questions: tahall76@yahoo.com
I work a lot of hours and do not get much time to check email so give me some time to respond